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Inspired cashflow

Inspired cashflow- The fresh & simple approach to invoice finance

Inspired cashflow is our new award winning product. Over the last year it has taken the invoice finance industry by storm because it's a much simpler product for businesses to use and understand.

It has been proven that companies who use invoice finance are more likely to grow at a faster rate than those who use other finance solutions like bank overdrafts or credit cards. However, many people still regard invoice finance as a last resort when choosing a cashflow solution, due to the hidden costs and long contracts often adopted by other providers.

By contrast, we've simplified things and brought a fresh and exciting new approach to invoice factoring. Our new Inspired Cashflow solution means businesses don’t need to worry about hidden charges and fees, our product is available for a one off fee of £250 and a fee from 0.45% of the sales invoice value. There are no annual fees, no money transmission fees and certainly no hidden fees within the small print of a contract.

How it works

  1. You supply goods and services to your customers.
  2. You send your customer the invoice made payable to Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance, and send a copy to us.
  3. We will give you up to 85% of the invoice amount.
  4. The customer settles the invoice in full by making payment direct to us. When the remaining balance is paid, a small finance fee is deducted from your account, charged as a % of the amount lent.
  5. The invoice clears and we give you the remaining balance.

Throughout this whole process you will have a dedicated client manager who will act as in the same way as an in-house credit control team would. We will also be able to issue customer statements, allocated cash received reports as well as undertaking the day to day credit control jobs.


One simple fee- meaning that that are no nasty surprises at a later stage.
Grow your business at a much faster rate due to the flexible funding line.
6 month trial period, meaning you are allowed to leave at any point during this period, followed by a 3 month rolling contract.
Flexible funding line increases at the same rate as your turnover, meaning that you don’t need to negotiate new terms.
More time for you to focus on core business functions as we do your credit control for you.
Enjoy the piece of mind of credit protection – protecting you from losing all your money if a customer goes bust. We can add this to your Inspired Cashflow arrangement and it is charged at 0.35% of your sales turnover.
Benefit from our award winning service.

What are the costs?

We believe in making cashflow finance simple, flexible and affordable. That's why with Inspired Cashflow we charge a single fee, based on your sales turnover

  • Sales turnover £50k to £150k = 4.00%
  • Sales turnover £151k to £250k = 3.75%
  • Sales turnover £251k to £450k = 2.95%
  • Sales turnover £451k to £550k = 2.75%
  • Sales turnover £551k to £750k = 2.50%
  • Sales turnover £751k to £1m = 2.25%
  • Sales turnover £1m to £1.5m= 1.95%
  • Sales turnover £1.5m to £2m= 1.75%
  • Sales turnover £2m to £3m= 1.39%
  • Sales turnover £3m to £5m= 0.89%
  • Sales turnover £5m to £10m= 0.65%
  • Sales turnover £10m plus = 0.45%

Want extra peace of mind?

Why not add credit protection onto your facility?This ensures you’re protected if any of are customers are unable to pay.

Next steps

Speak to one of our UK advisors today on 0808 120 9869 to see how Inspired Cashflow could improve your company's cashflow.

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